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Laurie Oakes Mediumship Offers a Selection of Online Courses for clients to expand upon their in-session learnings, or go on a journey of self discovery and expansion through mediumship.

Your Soul's Calling

Introductory Mediumship Course

Making decisions, whether big or small, and you feel mentally exhausted. Holding your breath hoping you made the right choice. Mediumship allows you to experience the validity of the messages received for others while beginning to understand and trust their own inner guidance. Trust the answers are within you and empower you to make radical life changes by freeing up mental energy expenditure in the process.


Secondary Mediumship Course

The more you practice and learn to trust (even if it doesn’t make sense to your logical and limited ego mind) the more you understand that you do not need to like the guidance now, but you will love the results and where you end up once you follow. The bigger picture is only made available to us by God and the Divine. Access the cheat codes to your soul’s path, purpose, and accelerate your growth!

Silhouette of a woman dancing in the sunset, surrendering to the divine guidance of her creator.

Surrender to the Divine

6 Week Online Course

Dive into the profound concept of surrendering to the Divine by examining your relationship between Mind (Ego), Body, and Soul. Begin examining your innate desire for control and how it shapes your life. We’ll destigmatize the need for control as a search for safety and explore the soul’s desire and longing to be Divinely guided.

You've Got it!

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Analyzing your outer world

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