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A spiritual retreat is a place and period of time that sparks and inspires inner reflection. Silencing the outer world and being held and supported by knowledgeable leaders, retreats give the participants the freedom to be themselves and to open up to their relationship to the Divine. Laurie’s retreat and workshop series are a break for the heart and the mind, and a recharge for the soul.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A spiritual day retreat typically offers a combination of activities aimed at promoting inner growth and connection with the soul. You can expect guided meditation sessions to help you relax and go inward, spiritual teachings to expand your understanding of various metaphysical concepts, and mediumship sessions where a trained medium connects to the Divine provide messages, guidance or insights.

No prior experience is necessary. Spiritual day retreats often cater to individuals with varying levels of experience. They are designed to be inclusive and welcoming to both beginners and those more experienced in meditation and spiritual concepts. The facilitators will usually provide guidance suitable for all attendees.

Bring comfortable clothing, a water bottle, yoga mat, a journal or notebook for note-taking, and an open mind and heart. We provide meditation cushions, but you may also bring your own if you prefer.

Spirituality is non-synonymous with religion. Laurie aims to help each participant foster their own individual relationship with spirituality, source, and the Divine. Her beliefs are what she resonates with, but encourages each individual to take what feels best to them.

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