The Soul Expansion Retreat

November 22-24, 2024 Lewiston, NY

A women's weekend retreat with Shawna Thibodeau and Laurie Oakes, to heal, connect to the wisdom of your soul and step onto your highest path.


Novemeber 22nd-24th, 2024


A beautiful, luxurious, riverfront mansion in Lewiston, New York – see pictures below! (Address provided on registration)


Join meditation teacher & psychospiritual coach, Shawna Thibodeau and medium and spiritual teacher, Laurie Oakes for a transformative women’s weekend retreat that nourishes mind, body & soul.


This retreat is for any woman needing time to heal, rejuvenate and learn skills & practices that can help navigate life’s challenges and stressors with greater ease and to connect inwards to hear the wisdom and guidance of your soul.


Throughout the retreat you’ll be learning and exploring the most effective skills & practices Shawna has found that help facilitate healing, growth and the development of greater self-love, inner peace, joy and empowerment within, as well as teachings and group mediumship from Laurie Oakes on soul growth, tuning in to one’s truths and hearing the wisdom of your soul. 

Modalities included on the Soul Expansion Retreat...

The Soul Expansion Retreat includes a powerful combination of modalities that can provide deep release, healing, clarity, insight and shifts within. These include meditation, breathwork, intuition development exercises, group mediumship sessions, inner child work, manifestation work and gentle yoga.


Guided meditation sessions to explore the nature of mind, reduce stress and connect inwards.


Breathwork is a practice of consciously working with your breathing pattern, lying down, to music. The rhythmic breathing in breathwork helps put the mind into different meditative states.​​ Putting our mind into meditative states allows us to experience our thoughts, emotions, and situations in life in a different way compared to the analytical/thinking mind. It’s also a space for going inwards and connecting with your inner truths and your heart’s needs & desires.

Meditation & Breathwork can help with...

Intuition Development Exercises

Practices and group exercises to practice developing the skill of hearing and strengthening your own intuition, your own inner wisdom and your own messages of guidance. The practices of meditation and breathwork throughout the week will also help to strengthen and connect to this inner voice.

Group mediumship sessions

Laurie Oakes is a gifted medium who channels messages from the Divine that assist you on your life path. During a group channeling session, Laurie works around the room and channels a message for each person.  Often these messages provide guidance, clarity and direction on different areas in your life and guidance is often provided on ways to work through and approach different challenges. You can also ask Laurie for guidance on a certain area of life.

Inner Child Work & Manifestation (i.e. Co-Creation) Work

Stepping into our highest path also involves healing things from the past that may still be affecting our lives (our thought patterns, belief systems, mood & emotions, behaviours and levels of stress). Through inner child work activities we work to heal the past so that we can move forward in a more confident and peaceful way. After we strengthen our connection to our inner voice and inner guidance system, we then also work to align our energy in the direction of our truths and desires, helping them become a reality within our lives. 

Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga & movement will be included in the week to help strengthen our relationship to our bodies and the messages our bodies hold.


Arrive anytime after 4pm on Friday November 21st (to relax and enjoy the home), and depart at noon on Sunday November 24th. 

Programming starts at 6:45PM Friday.

*Note – Dinner will not be served Friday night – welcome to bring a dinner (and put in fridge) or go out in Lewiston prior to retreat. Evening circle snack provided Friday night. 

**A retreat that includes skills, practices & concepts that can continue to heal, empower & benefit you for the rest of your life**

A take-home PDF booklet of the skills & practices covered is provided to help equip you with review & resources for continued use at home.



About the Venue:


The Setting

A luxurious colonial-style mansion located in Lewiston, New York.  A riverfront property, immersed among the trees, this is your luxury escape into relaxation, healing & rejuvenation. 

What's Included...

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! YES YES YES! Going to a retreat alone can be extremely powerful and transformative. Common feedback we also receive is the welcoming, safe and connected vibe we create and the relationships you create on retreats sometimes turn in to lifelong friends. Around 50% of Shawna’s past retreat attendees have come on their own and this % increases with international retreats.

Another big YES! We welcome women of all levels and complete beginners too! Retreats are a great place to learn or to solidify established practices and routines.

Yes, a retreat information email with all this information will be sent out closer to the retreat date.

The villa is able to accommodate for dietary restrictions. Send an email to if you have any dietary restrictions to ensure that week’s menu will accommodate you.

Meet your facilitators

Laurie Oakes

Her journey to find answers about spirituality and life outside of the physical body began at a young age. She found herself questioning her soul’s purpose, following her intuition, and receiving messages and “inner knowings” as young as she can remember.

Today, she shares her wisdom through various platforms, including workshops, retreats, and online courses. Her teachings empower individuals to awaken their spiritual potential, find inner peace, and live authentically.

Laurie gently guides her clients into letting go of the trauma and that which no longer serves them and empowers them with channelled guidance on their journey of personal growth and spiritual exploration.

She believes in the inherent divinity within each person and strives to help others discover their own inner truth and connection to their Creator.

Shawna Thibodeau

I’m a Registered Nurse specializing in mental health and crisis treatment but my true passion lies outside the hospital and involves coaching others to feel and live as their best selves.  

Through my private practice, Be Free, I offer coaching programs, classes, workshops and retreats to help individuals develop wisdom and skills that can provide greater peace, balance and happiness.

I thrive on using a unique approach, combining knowledge in mental health with EFT tapping, meditation, energy healing and spirituality.

What Clients are Saying

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A women's weekend retreat with Shawna Thibodeau and Laurie Oakes, to heal, connect to the wisdom of your soul and step onto your highest path.
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