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You Are A Spiritual Being,
Having a Human Experience.

Mediumship is the ability to connect to a higher form of communication that is occurring outside of the physical world. You are a spiritual being, having a human experience, and your soul is trying to navigate you through the difficulties of this lifetime, all you need to do is listen. As a medium, I listen to the guidance coming through for you from God and your soul and communicate it to you with compassion and empathy. Mediumship can help you uncover blind spots, see a new perspective or bigger picture, take the next step in your life, and even find forgiveness and let go of past experiences.

Mediumship + Soul Readings

A soul reading pertains to you and your soul path and purpose. Soul readings offer insight into your current life experiences, what you are going through in life and why, as well as the next steps on how to overcome it.

Online Courses

If you’ve found yourself saying “I feel like I have a good intuition” it’s because you do, you just haven’t learned how to harness and trust it. I can teach you how so you can take some of the guess work out of life and trust yourself again!

Workshops + Retreats

Whether you’re beginning or deep in your spiritual journey, at some point we have all felt a little alone or lacking like minded community. Retreats provide a safe space for women to connect, experience mediumship, and dive deeper into their healing.

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