About Laurie

Laurie Oakes is a Medium, Channel of God, Spiritual Teacher + Intuitive Coach

Her journey to find answers about spirituality and life outside of the physical body began at a young age. She found herself questioning her soul’s purpose, following her intuition, and receiving messages and “inner knowings” as young as she can remember.

Laurie’s true spiritual journey began in 2017 when she hit burnout for the first time while working as a chef, and navigating the emotions of her mother’s almost lifelong battle with chronic illnesses. She found herself in prayer, meditation, and seeking alternative health approaches to her mental health.

In 2020, Laurie finally headed the call to leave the industry for good, and began to work for her mentor, Dagmar Butler, as a channel for the “Dagmar Butler School for Spirituality”, which was Divinely guided by God. Here, she received immense support, spiritual growth, and guidance while she grew her ability to channel God.

Today, Laurie shares her wisdom through various platforms, including workshops, retreats, and online courses. Her teachings empower individuals to awaken their spiritual potential, find inner peace, and live authentically.

Laurie gently guides her clients into letting go of the trauma and that which no longer serves them and empowers them with channelled guidance on their journey of personal growth and spiritual exploration.

She believes in the inherent divinity within each person and strives to help others discover their own inner truth and connection to their Creator.

Work With Laurie

Mediumship + Soul Readings

A soul reading pertain to you and your soul path and purpose. Soul readings offer insight into your current life experiences, what you are going through in life and why, as well as next steps on how to overcome it.

Online Courses

If you’ve found yourself saying “I feel like I have a good intuition” it’s because you do, you just haven’t learned how to harness and trust it. I can teach you how so you can take some of the guess work out of life and trust yourself again!

Workshops + Retreats

Whether you’re beginning or deep in your spiritual journey, at some point we have all felt a little alone or lacking like minded community. Retreats provide a safe space for women to connect, experience mediumship, and dive deeper into their healing.

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