6-Week course

LET GO & CULTIVATE A DEEPER connection with YOUR SOUL + THE DIVINE through the art of surrendering

Hello Beautiful Soul, Does this sound like you?

If so, this course is for you!

Dive into the profound concept of surrendering to the Divine by examining your relationship between Mind (Ego), Body, and Soul.

Begin examining your innate desire for control and how it shapes your life. We’ll destigmatize the need for control as a search for safety and explore the soul’s desire and longing to be Divinely guided.

Surrender is currently being offered as a self-paced course with the option to add on private 30-minute coaching calls.

What's Included...

Explore the surrender that works for you...

Embracing change and uncertainty is a struggle most of us can resonate with. What if there was a way to go through life with even a little bit more ease?

Unleash the power of Surrender in your life!


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More Details...

6-Week curriculum

WEEK 1 - Ego vs. Soul
In this opening week, we delve into the profound concept of Ego versus Soul. We begin by examining your innate desire for control and how it shapes your life. We'll destigmatize the need for control as a search for safety and explore the implications of feeling separated from God and each other, recognizing it as an epidemic that affects us all.
WEEK 2 - Exploring Coping Mechanisms
During the second week, we focus on understanding the coping mechanisms we employ when we feel out of control. We will identify these reactive responses and address unhealthy comparisons, such as seeking solace in cleaning versus substances. Moreover, we'll learn to recognize our coping mechanisms as silent cries for help.
WEEK 3 - God Enters the Scene
Week three brings spirituality to the forefront. Have you ever truly felt alone? We'll explore the idea that God guides us behind the scenes, often in silence. We revisit a past, painful decision with the intention of reprogramming our perception and fostering a deeper connection with the divine.
WEEK 4 - Exploring Free Will
This week, we investigate the nature of free will. Is it truly free, or does it come at a cost? We reflect on the price we've paid in our pursuit of happiness, drawing from the previous week's activity. We challenge the notion that it must be hard for us to feel the reward of having done it ourselves, and we explore limiting beliefs that may be holding us back. Ultimately, we confront the question of whether surrender is a choice we make, and whether it can be done with ease.
WEEK 5 - Surrender To The Void
In the penultimate week, we consider what it means to surrender fully to the divine timing of guidance. Can you continue to trust when you find yourself in God's waiting room? We explore the art of trust and surrender, even when the outcome is uncertain. This week is about feeling secure in your nervous system and having faith in what lies ahead while embracing the unknown.
WEEK 6 - Surrender Effortlessly
In the final week, we learn how to shift our central nervous system into autopilot when it comes to surrender. Many of our decisions are influenced by our past experiences, and it's time to reclaim the power to surrender continuously. By the end of this journey, you'll have the tools to navigate life's challenges with a newfound sense of ease and trust, empowered by the art of surrender.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Control and surrender cannot exist together. If you wish to let go of your need for control, learning the profound concepts of surrender can help you feel safe releasing control, and trusting the process. There are many activities to help you better understand your need for control so that you can shift your perspective and let it go.

All virtual modules are hosted on a portal called Once the course begins, you will receive access to each week’s modules weekly. These modules and activities are for you to complete in your own time, the week before our live coaching calls.

All live classes are recorded and shared with you after the class is complete. Along with the virtual portal, you will be able to combine the teachings and recordings to feel like you didn’t miss a beat!

You will also have access to the portal and all recordings for 6 months!

During the weekly calls, we will discuss the information covered in that week’s modules. Any questions you have on the content can be answered during these calls. I will share examples and expand on the teachings. All calls are recorded.

Yes! All products available on Laurie Oakes Mediumship are eligible to pay in installments. See the available payment plan options at checkout. 

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Laurie Oakes is a medium, channel of God, spiritual teacher and public speaker. She is known for her ability to connect and channel God (source) and guide individuals on their spiritual journeys.

Laurie’s ability to channel messages regarding a client’s soul’s purpose with compassion and humility has made her a reliable spiritual teacher and guide.

As a spiritual teacher, Laurie shares her wisdom through various platforms, including workshops, retreats, and online courses. Her teachings empower individuals to awaken their spiritual potential, find inner peace, and live authentically.

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