Secondary Mediumship Course

Access the cheat codes to your soul’s path, purpose, and accelerate your growth

Imagine if you could tune in and receive clear guidance to help you make decisions and moves in your personal life, and maybe even your clients. 

Following your intuition and Divine guidance is the clearest path to growth, happiness, and success in all areas of your life. When you learn to hear, trust, and surrender to it, everything begins to unfold in front of you–it is the past of least resistance.

As a human being with complex emotions, it can be difficult to tune in and receive guidance when we feel emotionally invested in the answer, but that too is a muscle we can learn to flex and an obstacle we can overcome.

The more you practice and learn to trust (even if it doesn’t make sense to your logical and limited ego mind) the more you understand that you do not need to like the guidance now, but you will love the results and where you end up once you follow.

The bigger picture is only made available to us by God and the Divine. Access the cheat codes to your soul’s path, purpose, and accelerate your growth!

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10-Week curriculum

Week One is designed to guide participants in shifting their perspectives in daily life, deepening their listening practice, and honing their ability to sense and tune into the dialogue. Through a combination of exercises and discussions, individuals learn to embrace diverse viewpoints, enhance their listening skills, and become attuned to the subtleties of interpersonal dynamics, ultimately fostering more meaningful and effective interactions in their everyday lives.
This session encourages participants to contemplate the bigger picture in their lives. It prompts them to explore the concept of God's help, its manifestations in their own experiences, and the discernment of divine assistance. Additionally, the discussion delves into the significance of trust and gratitude, highlighting the role these virtues play in fostering a deeper connection with spirituality and a more profound sense of purpose.
This module encourages a thought-provoking exploration of key philosophical and personal questions. It begins by delving into the concept of free will, examining the boundaries and implications of personal agency. Participants are prompted to consider the balance between the control they desire and the control they actually need in their lives and understanding what it means to truly listen?
This module centers on a journey of self-discovery and self-realization. It begins with the introspective task of exploring one's soul's profile, uncovering its unique characteristics and preferences. Participants are guided to delve into the depths of their inner selves, seeking to understand what makes their souls resonate. The module then focuses on actionable steps, providing insights into how individuals can manifest and embrace their soul's passions, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.
In this session, participants engage in a comprehensive review of their knowledge journey. It starts with the task of recalling and revisiting essential concepts from the introductory level of the course. The focus then shifts to a thorough review of lessons and discussions from the first four weeks, reinforcing the foundational knowledge acquired. Additionally, the session introduces an interactive element by incorporating a live reading, enabling participants to apply their learning in real-time and further enhance their understanding.
These modules begin with the concept of scheduling one's day with God, encouraging a structured approach to spiritual connection and mindfulness. The modules then explore the idea of living a life in harmony with one's inner self, aligning daily choices and actions with the essence of one's soul. Finally, it emphasizes practical application through the practice of real-time readings, where participants can actively engage with and apply their newfound insights and knowledge in real time.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Learning to quiet the ego mind and listen to your soul/God is like a muscle you need to learn how to flex. The more you learn and practice through the modalities taught in this course, the better you will get.

You do not need to have an intention to work as a medium to learn mediumship. Learning this God given ability can give you the confidence you need to make changes or choices in your life that will better serve you and work out for you.

All live classes are recorded and shared with you after the class is complete. Along with the PDF module, you will be able to combine the teachings and recordings to feel like you didn’t miss a beat!

Yes! All products available on Laurie Oakes Mediumship are eligible to pay in installments. See the available payment plan options at checkout. 

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