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Making decisions, whether big or small, can leave you feeling mentally exhausted. Even after, you may hold your breath hoping you made the right choice.

Here’s the thing, our thoughts are mental energy, and we are trained to exert so much more than we need to because societal norms say following our hearts is irrational.

The feeling is all too familiar for so many of us… And we feel it might be the only way… until discovering something new and different.

Mediumship allows you to experience the validity of the messages received for others while beginning to understand and trust your own inner guidance.

Trust the answers are within you and empower you to make radical life changes by freeing up mental energy expenditure in the process.

Start Date: Wednesday, February 21st, 2024 

6:30-8:30 pm EST

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10-Week curriculum

This module serves as an introductory guide to mediumship and intuition. It covers the fundamentals, beginning with an overview of these topics and delving into the understanding of the soul, its relationship with God, and the exploration of the four claire's (inner senses). The module concludes by revealing the methods through which messages are received as a medium.
This module delves into the intricate aspects of message origin and reception. Participants learn to distinguish between regular thoughts and genuine messages. The module guides individuals in enhancing their innate abilities, focusing on their strongest claire's for effective communication with their soul. It also includes exercises to help sense energetic affirmations and denials. In addition, participants explore the 12 dimensions of the Universe, uncovering their respective teaching purposes. Specifically, the module delves into the first teaching of the 3rd Dimension, which involves overcoming negativity, and illustrates how mediumship can assist in this transformative process.
This module focuses on the interpretation of messages and elevating one's skills. It covers the expansion of yes and no practices to receive more detailed messages. The second teaching of the 3rd Dimension, which is centered on overcoming time, is explored in depth, with a special emphasis on how mediumship can aid in this pursuit.
This module delves into the spiritual path, life's broader purpose, and the significance of trust and guidance. It also explores the third teaching of the 3rd Dimension, energy, vibrations, and the role of one's personal healing in message reception, culminating in interactive "hot seat" mediumship readings.
This module covers the seven areas of soul growth, revealing the soul's curriculum and its application in personal life and messages received. It includes a session on raising vibrations and strengthening message clarity. Participants then engage in "hot seat" mediumship readings, putting their learned skills into practice in an interactive group setting.
This module delves into the reasons behind challenging relationship dynamics and explores how these dynamics contribute to growth in the seven areas of soul development. It introduces partnered mediumship practice, allowing participants to give and receive guidance to enhance their relationships. The module concludes with "hot seat" mediumship readings, providing an opportunity for participants to apply their acquired skills in an engaging group setting.
This module focuses on the healing dimension of mediumship, emphasizing how receiving messages aids in profound inner transformation by shifting perspectives, releasing baggage, and taking action. Participants also explore the transition from 3D to 4D perspectives and how this positively impacts their life and soul's journey. The module includes mediumship practices to reinforce and enhance the skills acquired during the course.
These modules are designed to help participants deepen their connection with their spiritual selves. It emphasizes strengthening intuitive senses, building trust in inner guidance, and offers practical exercises for enhancing intuitive abilities. Participants explore the distinctions between spirit guides and divine guardians (archangels and ascended masters) and their personal connections to them. Additionally, the module provides techniques for maintaining energetic balance and protection and guides participants in creating a personal plan for ongoing growth and exploration.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Mediumship is not a gift only a select few people are entitled to, it is a birthright for all souls to communicate with their creator and receive help. Mediumship is the ability to tune out the outer world, and tune into the conversations that are happening in soul world. Your soul communicates via telepathy, you just need to learn how to listen.

You do not need to have an intention to work as a medium to learn mediumship. Learning this God given ability can give you the confidence you need to make changes or choices in your life that will better serve you and work out for you.

All live classes are recorded and shared with you after the class is complete. Along with the PDF module, you will be able to combine the teachings and recordings to feel like you didn’t miss a beat!

Yes! All products available on Laurie Oakes Mediumship are eligible to pay in installments. See the available payment plan options at checkout. 

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