Mediumship Soul Readings + Release Package

12-Sessions Package

Mediumship Soul Readings + Release Package

12-Sessions Package


You are foremost a soul, experiencing life in a physical body. You are here to grow—this means following your soul’s unique path. Soul readings focus on you. I channel guidance from the Divine in all areas you are seeking help in. This can include career, relationships, unresolved emotions caused in childhood, the lessons your soul is learning to overcome, and your soul’s purpose.


  • 12 one-hour private GoogleMeet video mediumship readings with Laurie
  • Guidance entirely specific to you, your soul’s journey and path
  • Clarity on Next Steps to take
  • A deepening of trust with yourself and the Divine
  • Freedom from past emotions that have been weighing you down
  • 1:1 Access to Laurie for Specific questions between sessions

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