Half-Day Retreat March 10th 2024

Spring Equinox Half-Day Retreat


Sunday, March 10th, 2024


11:30am-3:30pm (Please Arrive 15 Min In Advance)


Zen House Yoga Studio, Niagara Falls, ON


Join me for an afternoon women’s half-day retreat integrating spiritual teachings, meditation and mediumship!

The spring equinox marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring, symbolizing a time of renewal and rebirth. It’s seen as a period of growth and new beginnings.

The energy at this time is powerful for align oneself with the cycles of the Earth, appreciating the interconnectedness of all life and setting authentic intentions for the coming year.

Investment: $166.00 CAD

What to expect...


Why the sping equinox retreat?

Setting intentions during the spring equinox season is often seen as a powerful practice in various spiritual and holistic traditions. The energy of renewal, rebirth, and balance associated with the spring equinox can amplify the effectiveness of setting intentions. Here are some aspects of the power behind this practice:

  1. Alignment with Nature’s Cycles: The spring equinox marks a time of equilibrium in nature, where day and night are in balance. Setting intentions during this season is believed to align one’s personal goals and aspirations with the natural rhythms of growth and renewal.

  2. Symbolism of New Beginnings: Spring is a season commonly associated with new beginnings and fresh starts. By setting intentions during this time, individuals tap into the symbolic energy of renewal, allowing them to let go of the past and embrace opportunities for growth and positive change.

  3. Energetic Support: Some believe that the energy surrounding the equinoxes is particularly potent for manifesting intentions. It’s seen as a time when the Earth’s energy is in flux, making it easier to harness and direct personal intentions toward positive outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dress comfortably, bring your yoga mat, a blanket or eye mask to help enter a deeper state of comfort and relaxation, and a journal to reflect and take notes on any messages provided through mediumship session.

And as always, bring an open mind, heart, and soul!

We encourage participants to dress comfortable (ie. yoga attire). Bring a sweater in case you cool down during meditation, savasana, etc. 

No prior experience is necessary. Spiritual worshops often cater to individuals with varying levels of experience. They are designed to be inclusive and welcoming to both beginners and those more experienced in meditation and spiritual concepts. The facilitators will usually provide guidance suitable for all attendees.

Spirituality is non-synonymous with religion. Laurie aims to help each participant foster their own individual relationship with spirituality, source, and the Divine. Her beliefs are what she resonates with, but encourages each individual to take what feels best to them.

About your Guide

Laurie Oakes

Her journey to find answers about spirituality and life outside of the physical body began at a young age. She found herself questioning her soul’s purpose, following her intuition, and receiving messages and “inner knowings” as young as she can remember.

Today, she shares her wisdom through various platforms, including workshops, retreats, and online courses. Her teachings empower individuals to awaken their spiritual potential, find inner peace, and live authentically.

Laurie gently guides her clients into letting go of the trauma and that which no longer serves them and empowers them with channelled guidance on their journey of personal growth and spiritual exploration.

She believes in the inherent divinity within each person and strives to help others discover their own inner truth and connection to their Creator.

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