Self Love Summit

Half-Day Virtual Retreat

Self Love Summit

Half-Day Virtual Retreat


February 25th, 2024, 11:00-3:30 pm EST


GoogleMeet – Anywhere + Everywhere


Understanding the True Self and Limited Self

  • Exploring life in a physical body and the soul as the true self.
  • Understanding separation from self, God, and unity.
  • How comparisons distance us from self-love.

Exploring why external opinions affect our self-love

  • Souls are independent but act as one. Humans are dependent but act alone.
  • The biology and psychology behind why external validation affects our fight or flight/sympathetic nervous system.

Introducing Radical Self-Love

  • Exploring the difference between self-love vs. self-care?
  • Boundaries and how they apply to radical self-love.
  • Shifting perspectives and unbecoming everything you were taught was un-loveable.

Self Forgiveness

  • Understanding you are here for a reason and that mistakes are lessons learned–you had to experience them.
  • Self-forgiveness as a self-love practice.
  • Why forgiveness for others is a self-love practice.

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